Donald and the “Trumpettes”

Give President-elect Donald Trump credit for his ability to dismiss issues that he regards as unimportant using simple language. Voters accept his summary as this relieves them of the need to have a deeper understanding of these issues. Politicians who are on the same side of an issue expand on or synchronize their conclusions with his statements – these are the Trumpettes.

In the recent campaign, Trump dismissed the issue of climate change: “I am not a believer in man-made climate change.” Earlier he said [climate change]was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese as a way of undermining the competitiveness of American industry.  Trump later tweeted:

“Any and all weather events are used by the GLOBAL WARMING HOAXSTERS to justify higher taxes to save our planet! They don’t believe it $$$$!” [Donald Trump Twitter, 1/26/14]

He told voters that if elected, he intended to rip up the UN Paris Agreement signed by the US, cancel financial support for the UN Green Climate Fund, and dismantle Obama’s program to limit GHG emissions in the US.

In Canada there is a leadership campaign to elect a new leader of the Federal Conservative Party. The candidates in the running are presenting their opinions in debates across Canada.Their generally shared opinion was that there was no sense attempting to put a price on carbon if the US did not.

Most candidates tuned into the issue of a tax on carbon. These Trumpettes synchronized their objections to a carbon tax with Trump’s statements. One candidate did not believe that humans were the cause of climate change. Candidates used other standard objections to a carbon tax i.e. it’s a tax grab, a job killing tax, a tax that will raising the price of everything, a tax that will hurt our economy etc.

Only one candidate argued that Canada had to set a price on carbon by a tax, referring to the tax regime that has been in effect in BC since 2008.

4RG’s conclusion: there will be no muting of the Conservative position on a carbon tax in this debate. The Conservative Party will come out against putting a price on carbon.  The reward:  in the next Federal Election the party will benefit from the support of an ally in the US White House.

Conservatives will be hoping for a repeat  of the 2008 Federal Election!


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