A Lump of Coal

A lump of coal!  Naughty children are warned that if they don’t behave this lump would be in their Xmas stocking. But down under in Australia  coal is a commodity to be admired, for a number of reasons:

First, Australia has plenty of coal, and exports millions of tons a year.

Second, coal is cheap, so it is the principal generator of electricity in Australia, which keeps the cost down.

Third, the industrial coal lobby has a large influence over the Australian Coalition Government.

To emphasize that cozy relationship, Scott Morrison,  the Federal Treasurer, brought a lump of coal into Parliament, waved it around, and shouted:  “”This is coal — don’t be afraid, don’t be scared.” The lump was then enthusiastically passed around the Government Benches, almost as if the energy sealed in the coal was invigorating Cabinet members.

The opposition Labour Party did not educate Morrison;  nobody needs to be scared of a lump or coal.  Rather it is

  • the millions of tons of coal burned in Australia or exported elsewhere.
  • The level of emissions in Australia since 2014 is up.
  • Australia is among the highest per capita emitters in the world.
  • Australia is not on track to meet its Paris target.
  • Heat waves in Australia are getting hotter and more frequent.

that is what is truly scary.