A View from Alberta?

Andrew Leach is an Associate Professor at the University of Alberta School of Business and Chair of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Panel. He reacted strongly to criticisms by environmentalists of Justin Trudeau for shortcomings in Canada’s Climate Change Policy.

To quote from a Leach article appearing in the April 25th edition of the Globe and Mail:

“Should Canada hang its head in shame . . .?   Is our Prime Minister a hypocrite and a disaster for the planet?  No. Canada should be proud of the actions that it is taking. . . . “

In Leach’s opinion, criticizing Trudeau for not undertaking effective steps to meet Canada’s climate change goals was a mistake.  The critics failed to see the forest for the trees, meaning: if Canada’s policies, if implemented globally, get us closer to meeting climate goals, then our Government is on the right track.

Leach identifies alternatives open to Governments:

either they impose some of the costs on society to reduce emissions in return for longer term benefits

or they “kick the can down the road” – by delaying the implementation of climate change measures they have promised.

There is a third alternative –  doing both.  For example, the Canadian Government is working to impose some of the costs to reduce emissions through a modest price on carbon, and has very recently has also delayed action on promises to cut back methane emissions from 2020 to 2030.

4RG understands the dilemma, which brings to mind an earlier strategic conflict –  between forceful demands to reduce the horrors of climate change that could alienate undecided voters, and a milder, more pragmatic approach that would not disturb or upset voters but would be insufficient to achieve the necessary reductions.

4RG lines up with the critics. Leach’s recommended approach is not leadership . . . which is what the world needs now!


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