Three!!! Hurricanes and untold devastation!

We have watched with concern as Caribbean Islands and Southern US states have been devastated by hurricanes: Harvey, then Irma, and now Jose!  All of these hurricanes have been “fed” by warmer than usual ocean waters . . . . a clear demonstration how global warming increases the destructive power of hurricanes.

The 2015 Paris Accord is a promising step towards limiting Greenhouse Gas emissions, which are the cause of global warming. The world needs the full participation of the USA in lowering these emissions to a level that – in time – will reduce these wild weather events.

Unfortunately the Trump Administration is hostile to any climate change measures.  Still, there are many US businesses, institutions, governments and politicians, at both Federal and State levels, who support these measures. They would benefit from Canada’s support of their efforts.

Our Government has urged the US negotiators to include Climate Change provisions within the amended North American Free Trade Agreement.

You may know that the Federal Conservative Party is pressuring our Government to drop this  request from the NAFTA negotiations.  We have requested Andrew Scheer, the Federal Leader of the Party, to reconsider its  policy that climate change should not be covered by a “new” NAFTA.

You can help avoid this result by writing a letter to Scheer demanding support for our Government’s NAFTA position. You are welcome to adopt any part of the draft letter you can find below.

Letter to Andrew Scheer

If you have any questions or comments please use the comments section.

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