Taking the Politics out of Climate Change??

The columns of Margaret Wente are a gauge of the public recognition of climate change. Based on her commentary in the Globe (June 2011), 4RG concluded that she was a climate change denier.

In December 2011 of another column demonstrated her denier status as she

  • approved the decision by the Harper Government to ditch the Kyoto Protocol, which she described as “a crazy Scheme”;
  • referred to the Green Climate Fund as a “loony and unworkable scheme”;
  • claimed that the “Climategate Revelations” exposed British scientists who had suppressed legitimate debate on climate change, and
  • quoted a “Leading climate-change science critic” that the whole UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

Subsequent columns suggested that she was wavering. Two years later she noted that

 “. . . the only consensus that exists is the well-established fact that human activity is contributing to Global Warming.”

Yet she has continued to be sceptical about the world’s ability to limit the consequences of global warming. For example, a very recent Globe column commenting on the immense damage caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma concludes:

“Climate change is real, and demands a sensible response. The only way for that to happen is to take the politics out of it. If you have any ideas for doing that, please let me know.”

Limiting climate change is admittedly very difficult now that the debate over appropriate measures has been politicized. The media noise, alternative facts, fake news and the like, seriously reduces our ability to make effective choices.

As for ideas, our suggestion is that Ms. Wente encourage public confidence in the overwhelming “consensus” of climate change scientists.  And use her talents as a columnist to shame politicians who have chosen to do nothing except defend the status quo.

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