PM speaks out at the United Nations!

Canada’s new partnership (with aboriginal peoples) will involve addressing the shared challenge of climate change.

Indigenous and northern communities are particularly affected by its stark reality. In communities across the north – places like Paulatuk, Kugluktuk (KUG-LOOK-TOOK), and Tuktoyaktuk – where community members are finding sea ice conditions more dangerous and unpredictable for travelling and hunting in the winter.

In Canada’s western Arctic, the permafrost is melting and huge pieces of tundra are eroding into the ocean. And around Baffin Island, Inuit elders are finding it difficult to forecast the weather like they used to.  So difficult that many are now reluctant even to try. At home, we are working hard to help these communities adapt and prepare for the future.

At the international level, our commitment is unwavering.There is no country on this planet that can walk away from the reality of climate change.

For our part, Canada will continue to fight for the global plan that has a realistic chance of countering it. We have a responsibility to future generations, and we will uphold it.

We have a chance to build in Canada – and in fact, all around the world – economies that are clean, that are growing, that are forward-looking.  We will not let that opportunity pass us by.


(En Francais)

Au Canada, cela veut dire imposer un tarif sur la pollution causée par le carbone. Lorsque c’est bien fait, c’est le moyen le plus efficace de réduire les émissions tout en continuant à faire croître l’économie. Cela veut aussi dire de continuer à travailler avec d’autres pays pour nous rapprocher des objectifs que nous nous sommes fixés.

La semaine dernière, à Montréal, nous avons accueilli des leaders en matière d’environnement venant de plus de trente pays pour participer à une séance de travail.  C’était l’occasion pour nous de discuter des différents moyens de donner suite à l’Accord de Paris et de maintenir l’élan international vers un avenir plus durable pour tous.


Extracts from Address of the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, to the General Assembly of the United Nations, September 21, 2017 on the subject of Climate Change.  For the whole address follow this link.  L’audio le Francais est disponsible

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