Climate Commissioner highlights Canada’s failings

At the beginning of the year 4RG met with Chaun Chen, M.P. for Scarborough East to review issues relating to climate change. We discussed the failure of successive Canadian Governments to eliminate subsidies of fossil fuels.

Chen wrote us advising that the Liberal Government would:

“ . . . direct the Department of Finance to conduct a detailed analysis of fossil fuel subsidies. A target of $250 million in reduced fossil fuel subsidies is our starting point, and a first step will be to allow for the use of the Canadian Exploration Expenses tax deduction only in cases of unsuccessful exploration.”  

With this assurance we advised our supporters that these subsidies were on the way out. 

Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Julie Gelfand has just released a report on Canada’s progress towards enacting and implementation of effective climate change policies. In the report she stated:

“The federal Liberal government’s bold climate announcements since taking office in 2015 have not been matched by action, . . .  . Among the critical gaps: action on fossil fuel subsidies, and regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions.” (Emphasis added)

The Liberal Government is midway through its term of office. So when can we expect action on fossil fuel ?

Read the Commentary on the Commissioner’s report  in the Energy Mix.




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