Quirks & Quarks Host answers Viewer Climate Change Questions

The United States has its climate change personality – Bill Nye, “the Science Guy”.  CBC has Nye’s equivalent in Bob Mcdonald, a science journalist who for years has been the host of  the radio program “Quirks and Quarks”.

From time to time McDonald has been interviewed on The National, the CBC news flagship.  Last night (Friday November 3rd), Bob appeared  on the National and answered questions on Climate Change submitted by CBC viewers  .  Heather Hiscocks read the questions and elaborated on Bob’s responses.

Would you watch what he has to say below in answer to these questions.

  • Is there a debate among scientists about the cause of climate change?
  • Hasn’t the planet already experienced “natural” cycles between warming periods and ice ages?  Why is the 21st Century experience any different?
  • What does he mean when he refers to “our foot on the accelerator?
  • The influence of ocean currents?
  • How the Great Lakes – the world’s largest source of fresh water “could go either way”?
  • and many other climate change issues.
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