Shifts in Canadian public opinion on Climate change!

We sent this letter to Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Federal Conservatives  

Dear Mr. Scheer,

A recent poll by Abacus Data strongly suggests that Canadians are becoming more aware of the risks presented by climate change. Eighty-five per cent of those responding recognized that not taking action would lead to consequences between severe and catastrophic.

The poll also questioned these people regarding their reasons for fighting climate change.  Forty five percent consider that there is a moral responsibility to act. 4RG is encouraged by this surprise finding as moral responsibility has been the driver of our efforts to protect the planet for the sake of grandchildren to come.

Undoubtedly the summer wildfires in the West, the flooding in the central Provinces, and the devastation caused by the recent Caribbean hurricanes have focused public attention on the risks-  but not on the steps necessary to avoid these risks.

We recognize that for many Canadians the sticking point is the costs of taking action, particularly in a world where what we can do is only a small part of the global effort required. That concern can only be met by leaders and members of our Federal parties recommending continued support of the Paris Accord.

Unless it has escaped our attention, the Conservative Party has done very little to persuade Canadians of the vital importance of this support.  We request that you and your colleagues engage in the advancement of public recognition of the need Canada to take action to implement this international agreement.

Yours truly,

Peter Jones
Past Chairperson, For Our Grandchildren (4RG) Steering Committee.
c.c. Michael Chong

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