The Climate Swerve

President Trump’s walk out from the Paris Accord on Climate Change was big news and bad news. The fact that almost 200 countries signed the accord was bigger news and very good news. So American psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, now 90, insists in his excellent little book “The Climate Swerve“.

Without hope, it is writ, the people perish. Lifton offers hope. Climate change in recent times has been on a relentless path of destruction, but it’s finally swerving. That those almost 200 nations could transcend their nationalisms and resist isolationism bodes well for the world and its future.

As for the United States, a considerable number of state governors and city mayors are not of the Trump persuasion. Trump does not speak for them and does not limit their action. Also Lifton sees the truth-telling of scientists as central to what has happened and that is unstoppable.

Climate deniers can deny but they cannot stop the fires in California which the mainstream American media are, in something of a breakthrough, attributing to climate change.

Is the world not now riding a swerve?

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