Communicating about Climate Change

I think of For Our Grandchildren’s mission as to Inform, Motivate, and Mobilize people to take action to combat climate change. It’s most important to talk to people who don’t yet understand that there is a problem and that there is something we can do about it. We frequently fall into the trap of talking about how bad it is going to be, how hard it is to act, and how badly our politicians are failing us; Most people tune out – they don’t want to hear.

The video below presents a different way of telling the story in a way that can motivate people to keep listening and to take action. He ends his 15 minute Ted talk with this.

“The new psychology of climate action lies in letting go, not of science, but of the crutches of abstractions and doomism, and then choosing to tell the new stories. These are the stories of how we achieve drawdown, the reversing of global warming. These are the stories of the steps we take as peoples, cities, companies and public bodies in caring for the air in spite of strong headwinds. These are the stories of the steps we take because they ground us in what we are as humans: earthlings inside this living air.”

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