Provincial Candidate meeting on Climate Change

On Tuesday, May 22, about 170 people participated in a candidates meeting on the topic of sustainability and climate change.

The meeting format was unusual compared to most similar meetings. It was designed to emphasize candidates listening to what citizens want as well as for citizens to hear from candidates and to get to know them a little bit better. Discussions focused on local impacts and on local actions that can be influenced by our provincial representative.

For the first hour candidates circulated among tables and participated with citizens in discussions of their concerns about 5 topic areas: 1. the local economy and climate change, 2. natural spaces and biodiversity, 3. agriculture and food, 4. CO2 emission reduction, and 5. A youth topic.

After a short break, a representative from each topic area reflected the main points of the discussion to the entire group. When it was time for the candidates to address the crowd, they were each asked, “What did you hear?” Candidates expressed a favorable reaction towards this format of meeting, one saying that it was the best candidate meeting he had ever participated in.

Read coverage in the Peterborough Examiner.

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