The ABC’s of the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election

Most readers will quickly guess what “ABC” stands for –

“Anyone But Conservative!

Why are we so opposed to the Ontario Conservative Party?  In the first place,  the leader of the Conservative Party, Doug Ford, is even more ignorant about climate change than Donald Trump. In the second place, the Conservative Party Platform is a giant step backwards to a much earlier time when climate change was almost unknown and severe weather of the sort frequently experienced in this decade was thought to be just Mother Nature on an off day.

Conservatives have campaigned on rescinding the “Cap and Trade Program” established by the Provincial Liberals.  This is the most disruptive step that an Ontario Government could take. Apart from this “promise”, to rescind cap and trade, there is no policy in the Conservative Party Platform on the subject of Climate Change.

Voting for the Conservatives could lead to serious and unsettling conflicts with Canada’s Federal Government, conflicts  that will drag on for years.  These conflicts cannot be resolved “overnight”  – given the international commitment regarding GHG emissions that Canada gave at the Paris Accord.

So, what are the alternatives to voting Conservative? There are several:

  1. Voting for the many competent Liberal Candidates who will be effective defenders of the need for action on climate change and will keep the subject before the Ontario Legislative Assembly.
  2. Voting for NDP candidates, whose policy platform on climate change is sound, and on basic issues mirrors what the Liberals have done. For instance:

Andrea Horwath and the NDP believe polluters should pay for the emissions they release, and we will continue with pricing carbon through a fair, effective and transparent cap-and-trade market. At least 25% of the revenues from cap-and-trade will support communities and individuals who today are carrying more than their fair share of the burden — such as northern, rural, and low-income Ontarians — and assist trade-exposed industries.

  1. Voting for individual candidates running for the Green Party. The Green Party Platform promises more measures to combat climate change than the Liberals have delivered.  A small number of Green MPP’S could change things.  Look at what has happened in BC!!  Two elected Green Party MPPs agreed to support the NDP on climate issues, which enabled the NDP to form the BC government.  And the measures to limit climate change have significantly increased.

For more information check out the following recent blogs on 4RG.

For an excellent comparison between the program announced by the parties go to this Citizens Climate Lobby site.

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