Walter Pitman – a man who will be sorely missed!

Our 4RG Colleague, Walter Pitman, was a crusader! His profound commitment to the environment was supported by his recognition of the beauty of our planet Earth.  Walter associated that beauty with a divine presence, an association captured in the lyrics and music of the “Crusader’s Hymn” (as sung by the Hastings College Choir).

Walter recognized that a sense of entitlement to comfort and pleasure threatened the survival of  beauty.  And he reminded Canadians that others would be called upon to make sacrifices that  morally were the responsibility of the developed world.

Walter was an active member of Trinity/St. Pauls.  He and other members of that congregation were among the first to recognize that divestment of shareholdings in fossil fuel companies was a desirable step towards combatting the effects of climate change.

Walter continued to support 4RG after his retirement from the 4RG  Board.  We shall very much miss his moral clarity, guidance, and  tremendous  support.

For more commentaries by Walter Pitman go to

Link to Walter’s obituary in the Toronto Star.


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1 thought on “Walter Pitman – a man who will be sorely missed!”

  1. Walter was one of the wisest men I knew. When he spoke, always softly, I paid close attention. I wish I had known him better.

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