Baby Sea Gulls on a Hot (Tin) Roof

By Peter Jones

So Toronto can expect that this Canada Day to bring an epic heat wave.

According to Anthony Farnell, the Chief Meteorologist of Global News, Saturday and Sunday are probably going to set new standards for Toronto. Not just the heat, but the humidity

“What will make this weekend potentially dangerous is the humidity,” he said. “The sticky air will be arriving from the southern United States and will make it feel like 40 to 45 degrees.”

Friday’s Globe and Mail reported on the unusual ways that heat can cause distress to birds.  Ring-billed gulls set up colonies of nests on wide roof tops. The newly-hatched gulls may not be able to endure the high temperatures of a roof, the result of a heat wave.

What then?  They jump off the roof only to discover they could not fly!

The Toronto Wildlife Shelter was called in to provide care for approximately 200 baby gulls. The Shelter could not save 50 babies: some died on impact, some died from their injuries, and some had to be euthanized.

The Executive Director of the Centre commented: “We are at the mercy of what happens out there in the world.”

So it is with humans.

Today’s generations seem unable to recognize what climate change will bring. Grandchildren, particularly in tropical countries, will be at the “mercy of what happens out there.“

Extreme heat waves will be one of the inescapable hazards of climate change that our Grandchildren will have to live through.

Their future is grim – unless our generation reacts firmly and leads countries around the world to limit global warming.

p.s Go to Bexhill, a site for other wonderful pictures of birds.