Thank Doug Ford for more Ticks and Lyme Disease

As the climate warms with more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, diseases such as lyme disease (carried by deer ticks) and West Nile Virus (from mosquitoes) have entered Canada from the United States, so everything we do to reduce greenhouses gases reduces the increase in such diseases.

Across Ontario, about 20% of greenhouse gases come from buildings; in Peterborough and other cities, 40% of greenhouse gases come from residences, primarily from heating with fossil fuels. These emissions can be reduced dramatically by improving home insulation including high efficiency windows.

However, these retrofits are expensive, so it was with great optimism that I welcomed the introduction by the Ontario GreenON program last December which gave substantial incentives (up to $7200 per home for insulation upgrades and $5000 for windows) to help homeowners save their climate while saving on heating costs.

Doug Ford has cancelled these incentives, which means that many people who were committed to improving their environment can no longer afford to do so.

Thanks, Doug Ford, for increasing our tick population!

Alan Slavin

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