Parachutes for the Planet

Laura Sacks, a colleague from Citizens Climate Lobby Canada, sent me an invitation to participate in a wonderful initiative called Parachutes for the Planet. It allows people to express their hopes and  worries for the planet through art.

Here is some of what Laura wrote on her blog to tell why it resonated with her.

Each Parachute is a unique creation, expressing the makers’ local concerns.  A group display is very powerful, transforming the Parachutes into powerful messages of strength, hope, and communal determination.

The power of art cannot be overstated, as it has the ability to open people’s hearts.

I mentioned the idea to a few people in town thinking that maybe a few groups might be interested in making one and displaying it at the Purple Onion Festival. I’m especially interested in getting young people to make one. There seems to be lots of interest, so here is the plan for Peterborough:

  • Make your parachute – here are instructions
  • Contact us here to send us a picture of your parachute with your team
  • Bring it to Rise for Climate on September 8 (if it is ready)
  • Bring it to the Purple Onion Festival on September 23 (if it is ready)
  • We will take it to Ottawa for display on October 15 – Contact us here when it is ready
  • We will bring it back to you on October 16
  • Display it wherever you think it will attract attention and give you a chance to talk about Climate Change

So, get your artistic muscles warmed up and your group working on this and let’s make a colourful splash wherever we can.

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