Voters who ignore newspaper commentary?

Do Climate Deniers /Conservative Party supporters read newspapers?  Do they regard climate change news as “Fake news”?  or would they rather forget about the subject altogether!?

The Globe & Mail Energy reporter, Shawn McCarthy, wrote a column about Climate Change in this Saturday’s edition under the headline “Taking stock after a summer of fire, heat and floods”. :

McCarthy noted that some are calling forest fires “a new normal”. That is not what it could turn out to be. As Forestry Scientist Mike Flannigan of the University of Alberta observed:  “a new normal implies a plateau.” But forest fires in BC could get worse and worse and worse. Which addresses a  question in a  4RG blog “Wild Fires: 2016, 2017 and 2018! “Have we seen the worst?

And on the subject of cause, McCarthy refers to  Flannigan’s conclusions  that rising temperatures are a key ingredient in the increased vulnerability of Canada’s vast forests – although not the only contributing cause. 

Three conditions are needed for a raging forest fire: fuel, ignition and hot windy weather.  Climate change brings two of these conditions:  dry trees, a perfect fuel for a blaze, and hot, windy weather to spread the blaze rapidly.

Not since Nero played his fiddle while Rome burned has there been such obliviousness/indifference to a cataclysmic threat to civilisation!!

Thanks – 2Green Energy – and artist for the image of Nero!


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