Climate News from 1954

This newspaper clipping came across my inbox last week. Here’s what the finder wrote about it.

Hey, I thought you might like this little article on global warming that I found in an old Millbrook newspaper (in a big box of stuff I got at an auction a while ago). It’s from September of 1954, so I guess they knew about it even way back then. Cheers

It’s pretty hard to read, so here’s what it says.

According to a group of oceanographic experts from 10 countries who met at Yale university, the winters, springs, and falls are getting warmer.

Pooled evidence indicated that the Atlantic Ocean is in the midst of its warmest period since 1600. The scientists said the Arctic ice cap is receding, the thickness of the Arctic Ice diminishing, and warmer saltier currents are sweeping through the North Sea and Danish waters into the Baltic Sea.

Keep this old article in mind in case someone you know starts to tell you that Climate Change is a Chinese hoax created to damage our economy.

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