Youth Don’t Vote

A young student from Algonquin College accompanied a small group from Citizens Climate Lobby to talk with an MP in his office on Parliament Hill last week. During the cordial conversation the MP at one point turned to the student and said basically – we aren’t going to set policy to appeal to you, you don’t matter, you don’t vote. Not you personally, but your cohort. We’re going to react to what voters want.

His words are pretty cynical, but they reveal an underlying cruel reality. You, young people, are going to inherit the mess we are leaving you. I’m sorry that we, my generation, have created this mess, but we did. It can’t be cleaned up without dramatic political action. Some of us are trying to help, but there aren’t enough of us and we can’t do it without you. You’ve got to get out and vote. You’ve got to be politically involved. You’ve got to form or join campus associations. You’ve got to convince your friends to vote.

We will help you, we are desperate to help you; please pitch in.

Get informed. Vote. Get your friends to vote.

This sarcastic American video makes the point effectively and is just as relevant in Canada.

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