Does our Environment minister understand climate change?

In August of this year, Rod Phillips, the Ontario Minister for the Environment, made this comment about the Ontario government’s proposal for combatting global warming.:

“the best approach is to have a plan and then bring forward any targets as part of the plan.”

For over three decades the nations of the world have actively negotiated targets for the reduction of GHG emissions, which is the only way to reduce global warming. Does the minister wish to reverse these  decades of constructive international collaboration?  And have Canada withdraw from its commitments as a participant in the International Panel on Climate Change and advance its own idea of appropriate targets?  Just at the moment when the IPCC  Fifth Assessment Report warns that the world is fast approaching a point of no return.

The Minister has put the cart before the horse. Until this uncertainly is cleared up it is impossible for a lay person to respond to the invitation to participate in this   “Consultation.”

The “Consultations” Website advises that the Government is asking for commentary on the intended plan that includes several areas of focus, such as:

  • Creating an understanding of the effects that climate change is having on our households, businesses, communities and public infrastructure to better prepare and strengthen our resiliency.
  • Ensuring polluters are held accountable and creating dedicated measures that will efficiently reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improving Ontario’s business climate by unlocking the power of the private sector to finance and drive innovative climate solutions. This will include an emissions-reduction fund to invest in technology-based and other solutions to reduce emissions in Ontario.
  • Finding a balanced solution that puts people first, makes life more affordable for families, and takes Ontario’s role in fighting climate change seriously.
  • These areas will help ensure our investments in climate action effectively balance greenhouse gas reductions while supporting economic prosperity and Ontario families.

Such nonsense -Ontario deserves better.

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