The Vacuum in The State of the Union Address

Yesterday U.S.  President Donald Trump delivered the State of the Union Address to the US Houses of Congress. In general terms this Address emphasizes the successes of Federal Administration over the past year. Just as important, the Address identifies the issues to be addressed by the President and his Republican supporters over this year.

President Trump did not mention climate change in his Address!  A remarkable omission considering that during his Presidency years the United States has been hit by extreme drought, devastating forest fires, wind storms such as hurricanes, the worst floods in US history, and rising ocean levels.

He did tout the success of his administration in promoting the US to be the world’s most important provider of oil and gas and how quickly and successfully his appointed Federal officials moved to reduce the impact of regulations on the fossil fuel industry.

For many days now he has not had anything to say about climate change . . . .  except in January when he commented on the cold weather and snowfall that was then being experienced in many states.  He said how great it would be to have the benefit of that “good old climate warming” – obviously to diminish these cold weather effects.

Once again Trump confused – perhaps deliberately – climate and weather.  Climate Change that is heating the world does not means that cold weather will disappear.

Climate change is disruptive of weather patterns, e.g. the weakening of the polar vortex as a result of significant increases in the usual levels of temperature in the Arctic. These increases have a counterpart from time in the below average temperatures affecting landmasses in the Northern Continents.

Considering his sarcasm and State of the Union silence there is no hope for a constructive climate policy from Trump or a Republican party controlled by him.

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