Post Mortem on Australia’s General Election

All the pre-election polls forecast a close race, but none projected that Scott Morrison and the Liberal coalition would form the next Government of Australia.  So what factor(s) made the difference?  And how might similar factor(s) influence the outcome of  the forthcoming Canadian election.

In his victory speech, Morrison referred to “the quiet Australians” who

  • worked hard every day
  • have their dreams and aspirations – to get a job, an apprenticeship , start a business,
  • dream to meet someone amazing, start a family, and buy a home and provide the best you can for your kids
  • to save for retirement and ensure that when you’re in your retirement, you can enjoy it because you’ve worked hard for it.

Morrison: “These are the quiet Australians who have won a great victory tonight!”

Morrison was helped by a well managed campaign:  the Australian economy was growing – which enabled the Liberal Coalition to persuade many voters that the real issue was maintaining a strong economy.  Contrast that with the Labour Party proposals of higher taxes on the wealthy wage earners, and increasing the budgeted expenditure for most Federal Government programs .  A contrast that favoured  the Liberal Coalition  Government who, the year before, had brought in a budget surplus.

So the voters had to choose  between a party who claimed that future prosperity waits for people who work hard.  As against a party who emphasized the dangers of ignoring serious climate factors that threaten that future. Will that be the choice for Canadians?

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  1. There is another factor that led to such a change in public opinion to the point that the party (Liberal Coalition) that trailed in the polls was the winner of the recent election for the Australian Federal Parliament. The Australian Press has often supported scientists/popular columnists who deny that global warming is a fact, and claim climate change cannot be attributed to fossil fuels. This attitude has been adopted by Press Baron Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper empire, which is the largest in Australia. Go to DeSmog – – for further coverage.

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