Green New Deal Town Hall in Peterborough

On Thursday evening excited Peterborough-area voters joined other concerned Canadians from more than 150 communities across Canada holding town hall meetings on a Green New Deal to respond to the societal, economic and environmental disruption coming with the climate emergency.

The Canadian Green New Deal, similar in principle to the one being discussed in the U.S., rests on two fundamental principles: (1) It must meet the demands of both Indigenous knowledge and science and cut Canada’s emissions in half in 11 years while protecting cultural and biological diversity. (2) It must leave no one behind and create a better present and future for all of us. That means ensuring that solutions are universal and far-reaching. Over 50,000 Canadians have already signed their support for a New Green Deal.

The goal of the town halls is to develop a shared, national vision for what a Green New Deal could look like in Canada, bring this shared vision to political leaders, and challenge them to adopt these visionary policies in their platforms.

More than 120 people met in Trinity Church hall to discuss policy changes that would meet the goals above. Participants passionately put forward their ideas in small groups and then worked to a consensus on the seven or eight most important.

Proposals ranged from making housing a human right to putting a halt to the $3 billion in government incentives to the fossil-fuel industry. This money could then be used to retrain workers for jobs in a non-polluting “circular” economy where all waste material is recycled into new products.

These policies will be collated and passed to the national organization to determine which policies have the largest support across the country.

If you have not already signed, visit the Green New Deal Web site and personally endorse the program.

Here is how Journey Magazine reported the event.

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