Prince Charles explains to Donald Trump the need to stop climate change

In May 2014 Prince Charles warned that “nature’s life support systems” are under threat from climate change, overfishing, deforestation and the widening gap between rich and poor. He noted that he was even more focused on these threats now that he has a grandson, Prince George.”

Five years later Prince Charles emphasized his concerns during a meeting with Donald Trump, then on a state visit to the United Kingdom. In his exact words:

“It is all our grandchildren who will have to live with the very serious consequences of us believing today that we can simply carry on with ‘business as usual’ as if nothing has changed,” he added.

Trump recognized that Prince Charles was passionate about  the issue because he was a very good person who cares about persons. Trump: ” . . .he is doing this for future generations. . . . . that’s what impressed me . . .maybe the most.”


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