We’ve Got to Try Everything

It’s very tempting to land on and support simplistic views of how to combat climate change. This video is far from simplistic. It’s pretty academic. The presenter, Jesse Jenkins, uses economic models to ultimately conclude that while renewable solutions can get us pretty far, we need to bet on and support various base load zero emissions technologies to provide power when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

He’s much more analytical than theatrical, and more nuanced than other simplistic claims. He works with models and graphs and statistics so it takes him over an hour to make his point. Not many people will take the time and even fewer will understand the analysis, but you will.

I summed it up as “we’ve got to try everything”, and if you watch through to the end you’ll see why. I recommend even staying for the Q&A. But book yourself 90 minutes of concentration.


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