Federal Party Climate Plans Graded

Chatelaine magazine recently published this article that also appeared in MacLean’s on Friday. Written jointly by the well known and highly respected Canadian climate scientist, Katherine Hayhoe and economist Andrew Leach, the article compares the major parties’ plans for dealing with climate change in terms of their ambition and their feasibility.

You should read the full article, but the table below shows a summary.

Party NameAmbitionFeasibility

You need to make up your own mind how to vote based on this information, but here is the conclusion drawn by the authors.

So what’s our choice? Given the four parties’ plans, we can pick between those that offer strong ambition but lack realistic implementation strategies; realistic policies with less ambition; or weak policies that match a lack of ambition. For us, practical policy beats ambition without a viable plan; and anything beats a plan that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

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