Climate Action Network Party Survey

By G. Hanchet

Climate Action Network Canada, a coalition of more than 100 organizations across the country including For Our Grandchildren, asked the five major federal parties whether they would take 5 minimum steps to protect the climate.

The graphic to the right tells the story at a glance; you can read the detailed responses here. Note: the Conservative Party declined to respond. 

Here is what they said in their preamble to the detailed responses from the parties.

Nearly one million people took to the streets in Canada on September 27th to demand action on climate change. The Green Party, New Democratic Party and Bloc Québécois have clearly heard the growing call from voters for climate protection, an inclusive economy, and economic diversification away from fossil fuels. Those parties came out of the gate early in this election with ambitious climate plans and detailed policy recommendations for a just transition that protects workers and communities and respects Indigenous rights and title. The Liberal Party of Canada made a significant entry into this friendly one-upmanship with the release of their climate and just transition platforms last week. The Liberals still have a significant distance to cross to reconcile their position on fossil fuel projects with their climate commitments, however. The Conservative Party of Canada is the odd party out. They are clearly underestimating their voters who care about environmental protection, offering them an empty climate plan and refusing to take the issue of climate change seriously. The Conservatives miss the mark by every measure of climate action.