Open Letter to Michael Chong

Dear Mr. Chong,

Earlier this year I wrote Michael Scheer on behalf of For Our Grandchildren (4RG,) requesting the Conservative Party make public its policy on Climate Change. There was no reply to our request from either Mr. Scheer or Ed Fast, then the Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change.

Sheer stated several times that a climate change policy would be presented to Canadians during the 2019 Election campaign.   When finally released in mid-campaign, scientists and environmentalists immediately pointed out this policy was incapable of meeting Canada’s undertakings under COP 23.   For example, the policy promised reductions in Greenhouse gas emissions that would only be realized well in the future -if at all.

Fast supported the Party’s continued opposition to “onerous regulations that would “destroy jobs, economic growth and global competitiveness” the Party was assuming (or gambling!!!) that this policy would obtain the support of a large number of voters who would be against tax increases of any kind.  –

On election night, Fast summarized the efforts of the Conservative Party in these words:

“We certainly left it all out there on the playing field. In my mind, we did everything we possibly could to promote our Conservative values, . . .”

This statement demonstrates that the cost of effective measures against climate change is not a component of Conservative Values.

As the election results demonstrate, this attitude is out of step with the majority of Canadian voters.  If the Conservative Party had adopted any program that demonstrated a commitment to check climate change and avoid the consequences that will result from ineffective action, the result of the election might have been very different.

Premier Ford of Ontario has stated many times that a carbon tax is ineffective, a much-criticized claim which is contrary to the conclusions of economists who have closely consider what approach is the best available.

Canadian voters will assume that the Federal Conservative Party agrees with Premier Ford that a carbon tax will not have any impact on the consumption of fossil fuels .  If so, there are very few alternatives to limit GHG emissions,  apart from government regulation of the fossil fuel industry, or the development of new technologies, choices available to or the Harper Federal Government that were abandoned or never implemented.

To demonstrate that Conservative Party recognizes the need for action, an early restatement of climate change policies by the Federal Party is essential.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Jones, Past Chairman, For Our Grandchildren

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