Help Wanted in the fight against Climate Change

We are asking if and how you want to be more involved with climate action through For Our Grandchildren.

At present, our somewhat fluid organizing committee of about 12 members includes Trish Campbell, Kate Grierson, Guy Hanchet, John Harnett, Jan Laurie, Connie McCracken, Drew Monkman, David and Patricia Morton, Linda and Alan Slavin, and Steve Russell. There is still lots to do and more people have offered to help, but an organizing committee much larger than about 10 becomes ineffective, so we are defining ways in which more people can contribute.

While we wait for a these changes there are a few jobs that we could use help with immediately. Examples include:

  • Be part of a working committee to monitor and respond to media articles that require public attention, such as the recent issue of the Teck mine, or to respond to letters to the editor that downplay the climate crisis;
  • An individual who is savvy in social media could provide our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers with regular updates;
  • Someone with a bit of web site experience could keep the local Climate Hub website up to date.

Where do your interests and skills lie? Perhaps you can think of another way that you would like to get more involved. Please respond to Guy Hanchet at with your offers of how you might like to help either individually or as part of a working committee.

If writing the occasional letter or signing a petition is what you have time for at the moment, please consider telling a loved what you are doing to slow climate change at Or write to Prime Minister Trudeau and your MP to ask the Liberal government to extend their promised Just Transition for coal workers to also include workers in the doomed tar sands industry. This would enable these workers to find meaningful work in the clean economy.

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