Peterborough Heat Wave – Summer 2020

As of August 24, according to Environment Canada (Peterborough Trent U station we’ve had 35 days above 30°C. This is well above the previous record of 30 days set in 2016, and we still have the rest of August.

This is NOT normal. This is 5 times greater than the yearly average of 6.3 days in the 1990s.

The number of days over 30°C for the last 10 years are the following: 2019 (16); 2018 (28); 2017 (5); 2016 (30); 2015 (10); 2014 (1); 2013 (12); 2012 (18); 2011 (11). Interesting that every year but 2 over the past decade had more >30°C days than the 1990s average.

Because of the “normalization” phenomenon associated with #climatechange (frog in boiling water), very few people are alarmed. All we hear is “What a great summer!” The bottom line is that our brains did not evolve to be able to respond to gradual change.

We need to think beyond the capabilities of our reptile brain and recognize that here and now the climate crisis is showing itself in year to year weather patterns.

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