Gramps on the Hill in Ottawa for Throne Speech

John O’Brien, Gramps on the Hill and friend of For Our Grandchildren, travelled to Ottawa in September during the week of the speech from the throne. Here is his report and a short video.

Some of you may know that Denise, Ann and I travelled to Ottawa for the week of Sept. 21-25 to participate in a number of events prior to, and after the Throne Speech. We are trying, along with a lot of other great people to keep the pressure on the government to keep the climate crisis in the front of their minds, even while we are going through the pandemic, because that is going to, in the very near future, kill many more people than Covid!

This current government and of course the Harperite’s before them, have done virtually nothing to start the huge changes that we need to make, before it will be too late to stop this — our grandkids will see how horrible this is going to be. Despite many promises made in 2015, and again at this years 2nd speech, our carbon emissions have kept going up and up, and Trudeau bought a pipeline to carry the Dirtiest, Worst possible fossil fuel known to man, and that isn’t my opinion — it is FACT. We all need to stand up and let our MPs and MPPs know that this is unacceptable.

There is a wonderful plan out there for a Green and Just Recovery to help us come out of this pandemic and put us on the right track to a clean, green future, and at the same time creating millions of new green, and, very important, inclusive jobs for all communities in our country!

We don’t have a lot of time, and we need to keep the pressure up constantly!

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