Peterborough Youth Helping organize Mock COP

Malaika Collette is a 17-year-old climate activist in Peterborough, Ont..

Here is how The Globe reported on the work of youth at Mock COP.

Between Nov. 19 and Dec. 1 2020 they are running a youth-led, youth-run online conference that will show the world what would happen if young people were the decision makers. They will be following a similar structure to the postponed COP26 climate summit.

“This event will show the world that we, as young people will not watch our politicians delay climate action any longer, the climate crisis is here now,” said Canadian Malaika Collette, a North American student staff member. “Our voice as youth matters because it is our future that the world leaders continue to delay taking action on. It is time our voices are heard and our leaders begin taking real climate action, there is no more time for delays.”

Anyone can participate by watching the proceedings here on YouTube either live or after the event.

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