Township Climate Advocates needed for Peterborough County

For Our Grandchildren is acting locally in Peterborough County to persuade the First Nations and Townships to take assertive, appropriate action in implementing their Climate Change Action Plans. It’s important because the emissions from the communities that make up Peterborough County add up to almost the same as the emissions from Peterborough City. But the actions needed in the townships tend to be very different from those needed in the city.

We are looking for people from every township to help throughout the county in a role that we are calling “Township Climate Advocate“. Think of the job as intervening on behalf of the climate at your township council. We imagine a team of Advocates working together to make a difference and learning from each other. Working together with like minded people to advance a cause that you believe in can help us all in these dark days.

Here’s the Township Climate Advocate job description:

  • Learn the main points of your township’s Climate Change Action Plan. Every township has one, passed in December 2016. You can find them all on the Sustainable Peterborough web site here. 4RG was involved in creating these plans and we will help you to understand them.
  • Learn which councillors and staff members will be allies – some of them are already strong advocates while others may need to be brought along gently.
  • Follow your township’s progress in achieving the Climate Change Action Plan’s goals. Much of this will be posted on Township web sites.
  • Occasionally make a presentation or write a letter to your township council praising them for what they have done and suggesting ideas for what more they can do.

We promise we will give you all the support you need. Once you feel fairly comfortable with your knowledge, we would like you to join 4RG representatives in a presentation to your township’s Council that suggests actions the township could take. We know that a presentation that includes a township resident will have a much greater impact than one given just by outsiders.

For Our Grandchildren has already presented at the county level where we got a supportive reaction as documented here, so the townships know that this is our next step and they are expecting us.

If this interests you or if you have any questions, please contact Guy Hanchet (705-875-4488 or, Malaika Collette ( or Linda Slavin ( We can work together with you to get this started.

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