How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster
by Bill Gates

I have just finished reading Bill Gates’s book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, which was both interesting and informative. As one might expect, he looks to innovative technology as a key tool in achieving net zero GHG by 2050. Gates gives a good overview of the possibilities of thermal energy, new generation nuclear fusion and fission, meatless meat, and carbon capture and storage to name but a few.

Gates does not fudge the science and explains that because the world deposits about 51 billion tonnes of GHG into the atmosphere each year, pivoting quickly enough will be “ hard”. Gates also acknowledges the challenge of finding consistent public and political support but believes growing climate awareness and economic incentive will drive demand. He makes it clear that technological answers need to be strongly linked and framed within the principles of the Green New Deal and climate justice.

I personally felt encouraged by this book. It is detailed and Gates hits on a broad array of potential answers. His experience in the design of transformative technology gives him an impressive credibility, but he acknowledges that his perspective is primarily that of an engineer rather than a political scientist. This may be one of the book’s strengths.

Bill Gates has an impressive track record, in my opinion, and his voice adds an excellent overview of how emerging technologies, within a humane framework, may provide some encouraging answers. I recommend.

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