CBC compares party platforms on Climate Action

Here is an extract from the CBC comparison of the climate change platforms for the 2022 election. Read the full report here.

The next government’s climate change plan will impact every aspect of Canadians’ lives, public policy researchers say.

Climate change impacts such as wildfires, extreme heat and drought are already affecting Canadians in concrete ways, said Dale Beugin, vice-president of research and analysis at the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices, a non-partisan, publicly funded think-tank. But beyond that, countries worldwide are shifting away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy to meet targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate future damage and costs of climate change.

“How Canada competes in that growing net-zero economy or a low-carbon economy is going to be huge for how well we do in the long term,” Beugin said.

CBC examined the platforms of (in alphabetical order): the Bloc Québécois, Conservatives, Green Party, Liberals and NDP. If a party doesn’t appear in a certain section, there was insufficient information in its platform on that topic, or, in one case, no modelling analysis was publicly available. The People’s Party does not accept the science behind human-caused global warming and simply promises to cancel all climate-related policies and pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change so it was not included in the analysis.

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