Call for Political Collaboration

After a summer of nurturing ourselves by getting back to nature and after a September dominated by the federal election we think that an appropriate action for October and November is to get back into more direct political action.

There is a lot of outcry for the federal parties in the newly elected government to collaborate on climate action, to get together and do what is best for the world, not what is politically expedient for their party. We recommend that 4RG readers and members communicate this desire to all federal politicians.

Most effective would be for you to telephone your MP and leave them a message, or to write a personal letter or email. On paper, in an envelope, in your handwriting might get the most attention. You can find contact information for your MP here.

Here is a suggested script for a phone call.

Hello, this is ___________. I’m a constituent of yours.
I’m calling you today with a request that your party co-operate with the other parties at the Glasgow COP to ensure a successful, effective agreement is reached.  We no longer have time to quarrel and score partisan points.  We urgently need action that produces strong results. The best thing we can do now is co-operate. Please call on your party members to contribute to making the climate stable and sustainable.
Thank you for all that you do for our community and for Canada, and now for the world. (You can reach me at phone # if you want to talk to me about this message.)

Below are some petitions and letters that you can endorse or send with a few clicks if you don’t have time to compose a personal message.


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