End Climate Delay Rally

About 60 people gathered in the rain on the anniversary of the heat dome that killed over 600 people in British Columbia last June.

Guy Hanchet reminded the crowd of just how far back the delay goes, listing the milestones that have passed when governments have been alerted but have not taken action. Dr. Thomas Piggott, Peterborough’s Medical Officer of Health, was unable to attend but we read his comments which drew attention to the direct health impacts of burning fossil fuels and to the direct benefits of avoiding them. Malaika Collette gave an impassioned speech reminding us all why this is important to her generation and to indigenous and disadvantaged people who are hardest hit by the impacts of the climate crisis.

Several others accepted an invitation to an open mic to express their own personal perspectives, including Joy Lachica and Henry Clarke who are seeking election in the municipal election in October, and other involved citizens.

When all were done talking, the group proceeded down George Street before returning and dispersing at about noon.

Here are some photos from the event.

You can see media coverage below:

Here is the text of Dr. Piggott’s speech.

Dr. Piggott's comments

And here is the text of Guy Hanchet’s speech.

Delay From Guy

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