International Day of Action – November 12

PACA and 4RG organized a demonstration yesterday at the midpoint of COP 27 to let our leaders know that we expect more climate action from all levels of government.

About 60 people came with signs, children, and dogs as well as words of anger and hope. Many speakers took the opportunity to speak about the travesty that is Bill 23 and the intersection between climate, species, wetlands, and affordable housing. There is talk about a public demonstration next week dedicated to the topic of Bill 23.

Coverage in The Examiner show more photos and also include the words that Tricia Clarkson spoke to introduce the event as well as many great photos.

After marching around the block we convened at The Whistle Stop and wrote postcards with specific messages to municipal, provincial, and federal politicians. We will deliver 71 hand written notices to government officials, 30 to Dave Smith, 22 to various councillors, and the rest to the federal government.

Here are some of the photos taken by participants. You can click on any of them to browse through the album and view the full photo.

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