Let’s Block the Selwyn Pipeline and propose a better choice

By G. Hanchet

We have an opportunity to promote a better alternative to a gas pipeline proposed for our community. Instead of the expensive pipeline proposed by Enbridge to carry methane 8.4 km from Bridgenorth to Lakefield, we can promote the use of Air Source Heat Pumps. 

There are lots of reasons to oppose the Enbridge proposal, starting with the high cost to the homeowners involved, the high cost to Ontario citizens, and the negative impact the project will have on the environment. But it’s the better choice for all involved that takes this from opposing something to proposing something better. The better alternative would be to cancel the gas project and encourage and support the homeowners involved to switch to an electric Air Source Heat Pump, not to gas. You can read more in this open letter to Dave Smith

The Ontario Energy Board must approve or reject this proposal before it can proceed. A notice in the Herald on February 24 explained in obscure detail how you can send the OEB a letter of comment. The published notice mentions a deadline of March 6 to apply for intervenor status but the deadline does not apply to comments. We have some time, but earlier comments and more comments will have a greater impact. And it’s easier than they make it sound in the notice.

Here’s how: At the OEB website, oeb.ca, search for EB-2022-0156, click on the link to the Selwyn Community Expansion Project where you can read all about the project. Follow the instructions for submitting a letter of comment. This list of the issues that the OEB will consider should help you to frame an appropriate letter of comment. 

Here is the letter that For Our Grandchildren filed today. 

Letter to OEB re Selwyn Expansion

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  1. Please add my disapproval of the proposed Enbridge pipeline in Selwyn and my full approval of the Air Source Heat Pump as an environmentally and financially better alternative
    Janet Spindloe , Peterborough On

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