My Year with a Cold Climate, Air Source Heat Pump – Geoff Daw

By Scott McKinlay

Heat pumps have been in the news a lot lately, since they provide a very efficient means to both heat and cool our homes and to reduce our carbon footprint. New advances in technology have increased their efficiency and allowed them to function in lower temperatures, such as the ones we experience in Canada and the Peterborough area.  Governments are providing incentives and in some cases legislating their use. Looking to replace their aging natural gas furnace and air conditioner, Geoff Daw and his wife Wendy decided to convert to a cold climate air source heat pump to meet their heating and cooling requirements.  After living for a year with their new heat pump, Geoff shares his experiences for the benefit of those who might be considering making the move to a heat pump. This presentation provides information about how heat pumps work, different heat pump solutions, available government incentives, costs, and Geoff’s experiences thus far.

Watch video HERE.