Ride 4 the Grandchildren

By G. Hanchet

At 3:00 am on Saturday morning Glen Caradus and Nick Ormond set out on a 280 km bike ride through the countryside north of Peterborough. Their mission – to raise awareness of the climate crisis and to raise funds for For Our Grandchildren. The early part of their ride under the light of a full moon was pretty cold but beautiful and quiet, and they kept up their expected pace for the whole day.

Here is Glen’s answer when asked why he and Nick chose 280 km.

“We wanted to highlight that the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, the main driver of climate change, has risen from 280 ppm since humans started burning fossil fuels in the 1800’s to over 420 ppm today.”

Making the Apple Cider

It was warm and sunny when they arrived at the Camp Kawartha Environment Center at 4:00 pm where about thirty supporters greeted them with good cheer and some fresh apple cider that was pressed on the spot.

Donations at the time the dynamic duo arrived had reached $2,769, and Glen let his supporters know that he would continue to accept donations until the end of October.

Update – After doing a final tally of donations on October 19, the total raised was $5,036. Thanks ever so much to Glen and Nick.

Here are some of the pictures from the ride and the greeting party.



$5.036 raised of target $5,000


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