Selwyn Home Energy Expo

By G. Hanchet

Click on the image to see a short video of the Heat Pump Jump world premiere.

Around 100 people attended the Home Energy Expo at the Bridgenorth Community Centre on Saturday, October 28.

In the main exhibit hall people were able to ask questions of contractors who are in the business of installing heat pumps, Energy Advisors who are key in applying for various government grants, as well as Ask Me Anything individuals with their own lived experience with installing a heat pump in their home.

The main hall also featured the world premiere of the Heat Pump Jump, commissioned for the Expo and written and performed by Captain Climate Change himself, Glen Caradus.

In the breakout room people were able to watch presentations by Dr. Heather McDiarmid from McDiarmid Climate Consulting, and Clara Blakelock, Energy Advisor from Greenup. Geoff Daw and Ray Scott made presentations on their own personal experience installing a heat pump.

Dr. McDiarmid summarized her perspective as:

“Heat pumps are the future of home heating because they are the most efficient systems available, they can improve home comfort in a safe and reliable way, they lower carbon emissions, and they even save homeowners money.  We installed an all electric air source heat pump in 2020 and I was unprepared for how much more comfortable it made my home.”

Clara’s Blakelock’s message was:

“The first step to accessing government grants for a cold-climate air-source heat pump is to have an EnerGuide home energy assessment completed on the home.  During this process, a Registered Energy Advisor will help determine the recommended energy-saving measures for your home and guide you through the rebate process.”

Guy Hanchet, one of the organizers, explained the reasons for the event:

“The original inspiration for our Expo was the construction of a new fossil gas pipeline between Bridgenorth and Lakefield along the 8th line road. Enbridge is offering residents along the pipeline route the opportunity to switch from their current heating system to gas. Along with Selwyn Township Council, we wanted people to understand all their options and to know that they can save much more money with new cold-climate heat pumps that work on electricity. It’s unfortunate that Enbridge Gas declined to attend to explain their offer.”

If you are interested in installing a heat pump, the best place to start is at GreenUP Peterborough. They will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Here’s the list of local contractors who are known to be able to install a heat pump.

Presentation material is available in PDF format below:

Here are some of the photos taken at the event. Click on them and browse through them for a taste of what attendees experienced.

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