Message to MPP Smith – Save the Catchacoma Forest and Preserve the Green Belt

By Richard Peachey

On November 6 a delegation of 10 intrepid 4RG members brought to Dave Smith MPP for Peterborough the following message:

4RG Members deliver a letter and 100 postcards to MPP Smith

Save the Catchacoma Old-Growth Forest

The 662-hectare Catchacoma Forest is the largest known old-growth hemlock forest in Canada, and a habitat for several endangered species with other, important ecological values. Not least of these is the ability to store and sequester carbon, essential if we want to keep climate change under control over the crucial next decade.

We want the government to withdraw the cutting license on Catchacoma and to make this forest part of the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park.

Preserve the Green Belt

Although the government has reversed its course on allowing development in the Green Belt, it is still planning incursions in these lands, pushing expanded municipal boundaries and projects such as Highway 413.

Sensible development would stop urban sprawl and recognize the significant habitat and important agricultural land contained in the Green Belt.

The delegation delivered 100 postcards from a group of Smith’s constituents who had signed and decorated postcards back in May 2023, with this message.

We encourage MPP Smith to speak out for us all and put action on the climate crisis on the agenda of the Ford government.

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