YLS Imagines Peterborough in 2044

By G. Hanchet

Peterborough’s Youth Leadership in Sustainability (YLS) class has prepared two minute video vignettes, describing the fabulous city they live in in 2044, after 20 years of ambitious and creative action by the City – all initiating from the progressive work the City did on their 2024 Climate Action Plan Update.

Their videos were presented at the ReFrame film festival but for those who missed them, YLS has given us permission to make them available to a wider audience.

Each student has also produced an image – of themselves, set in the context of their theme, in 2044 – with a focused quote (their quote) of their vision for the city (within their realm) in the image. The idea is that the collection of these images shares (or at least summarizes) their visions visually, and collectively represents a local youth statement – all in the context of the active civic process of updating our Peterborough Climate Action Plan.

You can browse through their individual messages in the frame below.

IMAGINE project-compressed (1)


You can see the videos by clicking on the links below:

This future Peterborough is possible if you encourage the larger purpose of this video/photo project – to “market” our Plan by creating political space for our municipal leaders to take the creative and bold action in the Plan and implementation that is in line with science and global expectations of greenhouse gas reductions for a climate-liveable planet.

Peterborough in 2044 – don’t you want to be here?

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  1. These were all so well done – the research, the creativity, the production. Congratulations to everyone involved. Imagining and naming what we want is a powerful way to accelerate the transition to a healthy, just, and sustainable way of living.

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