4RG Presentation on Bill 165

By G. Hanchet

On Tuesday, April 9, I presented to the Standing Committee on the Interior in opposition to Bill 165.

On behalf of For Our Grandchildren, I explained why Ontario should allow the Ontario Energy Board’s ruling which cancels subsidies to Enbridge to stand. While 4RG is motivated to protect the climate by reducing carbon pollution, we are at a lucky time when economic and health factors alone should be enough to motivate us to continue the transition to renewable energy.

My plea to the government was to let the OEB ruling stand For Our Grandchildren.

The full text of my presentation is available here and the slides (that I did not use) are here.

You can see my presentation starting at about the 7:00 minute mark of this video. I recommend that you watch to the end to see the questions that were addressed to me by MPP Peter Tabuns and MPP Dave Smith.

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