Climate Collaboration: Part 2 – Local Climate Groups

By Scott McKinlay

Part 2 of “Climate Collaboration” took place on May 13th with about 40 people in attendance.

Speakers highlighted their organizations’ successes, and together we explored opportunities for networking, collaboration, and mutual support.

Part 2 included presentations from:

  • Jacob Rodenburg (Camp Kawartha),
  • Dorothy Taylor (Sacred Water Circle),
  • John Kintare (Kawartha Land Trust),
  • Alyssa Scanga (Sustainabld Trent),
  • Bob Bailey (Kawartha Lake Stewards Association),
  • Sam Rockbrune (Kawarth World Issues Centre), and
  • Natalie Stevenson (Green Up).

The unedited version of the video is available below. Scott will tidy up the video when he has a chance.

Note that there are marks that subdivide the video into separate sections for each presentation. You can see these more easily in the description if you choose the “Watch on YouTube” link.

We will also post presentation materials and links here over the next few days.

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