20 Questions for Electoral Candidates

Want to test a candidate’s knowledge about climate change. Here are 20 easy questions. Do you know the atmospheric carbon concentration for Oct 1st, 2018? A. 405.29 ppm https://www.co2.earth/daily-co2 What do scientists say is the safe amount? A. 350 ppm. https://350.org/science/ What is the Pre-Industrial Age carbon count for the 1700s? A. 280 ppm Wikipedia … Read more

Open Letter to Toronto City Council

The motion by Councillors Mike Layton and Mike Colle to recover costs associated with Climate Change from Big Oil companies is a good one. Unfortunately, many of the policies of Big Oil companies were supported by our own Councillors in the past, who consistently blocked attempts to fund enforcement of anti-idling measures, and, in the … Read more

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