What Does a Green Thumb have to do with Climate Change? – Deborah Pearson (May/2022)

“It’s no longer enough for a garden to just look pretty. Every garden needs to do more and every garden matters.” – author and scientist Doug Tallamy. Gardener, former educator, and co-chair of the Pollinator Action Committee, Deborah Pearson, helps us to understand how the changing climate impacts the growth of garden plants, and how … Read more

Trees and Climate Change: The Big Picture and Your Own Back Yard, with Cathy Dueck (Apr/2022)

Cathy Dueck explores the global role of trees in carbon sequestration, and your role in helping trees to thrive in our communities and back yards. A graduate of Environmental Science and teacher of Environmental Education at Trent University, Cathy has spent her life learning about, advocating for, and living amongst trees. Click HERE for the … Read more