Ecojustice: What the parties are promising

Here is an excerpt from Ecojustice’s assessment of the major party’s platform with respect to climate and the environment published on September 7. If you have not already voted, then please read their full report here. The 2021 federal election is an opportunity for Canadians to elect the federal government they believe can chart a … Read more

2021 Election Debate on the Environment

362 people registered for the Peterborough Candidates debate on the Environment held on September 8, and 220 attended. This level of attendance indicates the importance that local citizens place on the environment. All four candidates from the parties who were selected by the federal debate commission participated. For those who missed the event live, here … Read more

Citizens Climate Lobby Assessment of political parties

Here is a summary of the voting records and platforms of the political parties as compiled by Citizens Climate Lobby. Visit the CCL website for more details. Naturally they focus on the issues related to pricing carbon. Click here for more articles on the federal election in the 4RG web site.

August Election Special – Jim Hendry

Here is the recording from Jim Hendry’s presentation on August 23 about how to influence politicians at all levels of government. His overall message is to get to know them. They are in power to serve us and the welcome our input. They may be hard to reach, they may not agree, and they may … Read more

Peterborough Passes Tree Bylaw

GREAT NEWS! The city of Peterborough has passed a new and comprehensive TREE BYLAW to protect the city’s rapidly diminishing urban tree canopy. The bylaw passed unanimously, and in full, on May 25th, and was the product of a forward thinking city staff, and a great deal of research, emailing, campaigning, and presenting by 4RG’s … Read more

Introducing 4RG Meets – May, 2021

In our first 4RG Meets, Beth McKinlay discussed the positive impact that getting involved with community groups can have by describing the work of For Our Grandchildren. Here is the poster that we used to advertise the event.

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